A Complete Guide to Fix the Canon Printer Error 6000

Canon is a very popularly known company for its bestseller of electronics, it has a huge variety and offers various innovative electronics products that they offer to its massive customer base. Canon printers have extended their huge popularity among their users. The Canon printer helps its users efficiently print in different places and times. These printers are designed in such a way that they are user-friendly, making the job of printing very easy for their users. However, just like every other technology and gadget, these electronic printing devices too can show errors. The most common Canon Printer errors seen among Canon Printer is the Error 6000. There are different causes that lead to this error. If you too are facing this issue and want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, then you have landed in just the right place. Here, we are sharing with you a detailed blog post, where you can find the causes and solutions for the Canon Printer Error 6000.

The Causes Behind the Existence of Canon Printer Error 6000?

There are various negative conditions that are responsible and are the causes behind the Canon MX922 Support Code 6000. These causes have been provided below in a list format:

  • The presence of dirt and dust particles or pieces of paper that is fallen in the paper feed tray causes this error.
  • Placing a huge number of documents or papers near the printer can be a cause for this error to take place. When your printing device is surrounded by a load of different papers and documents around it, they hamper the proper functioning of the fans that are present in the printer, therefore, being one of the causes of the Canon MX922 Support Code 6000.
  • When you have not correctly placed the tray on your printer, then you might face this Canon Printer Error 6000.
  • When you give a lot of printing commands at one time, then there are chances that you go through the error code.
  • The presence of scratches and line feed is one more cause for this error.
  • A faulty line-in or a corrupted sensor unit can cause the error.

After reading these points, you now are aware of all the causes that are leading to this error code, and we hope it will not be difficult anymore for you in figuring out about the actual meaning and the real cause of error 6000 on a Canon printer. However, the solutions focus on addressing the reasons behind this error.

How To Get Rid Of Canon Printer Error 6000?

There are a lot of ways of fixing the Canon Printer Support Code 6000. You can follow any of the methods given below according to your troubleshooting error.

Resetting Of Your Printer

Resetting your Canon printer will be of help in resolving this error. Canon Error Code 6000 Reset can be performed if you follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you need to get your printing device unplugged from the power switch. Then leave it in the same way for few seconds in the pause mode.
  • Now, again plug back the power cord of your printing machine. Turn it on.
  • Now press and hold the ‘Power’ button for a few seconds. And, click on the ‘Stop’ button twice.
  • You need to perform this whole thing one or two, or more times.
  • The last time, leave the ‘Power’ button in a gradual manner.
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Stop’ button four times.

This whole procedure is an effective way to resolve this Canon error immediately. But if the problem still exists, look for advanced Canon printer support.

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Ensuring That You Have Properly Set The Paper Tray

Canon 6000 Error Code has a list of different kinds of errors. One of the effective ways of troubleshooting this is by setting the paper tray in a proper way on your printing device. For doing so, you need to follow this procedure:

  • First, you are required to switch off the printer for about 10 minutes.
  • Restart it again.
  • See if you have set the paper tray correctly in your printing machine or not. Ensure that it is correctly set. If you see any dust or dirt particles or substances that are creating a hindrance in your printing, then remove them immediately.
  • Re check to make sure that there are no particles or paper pieces on the inside of your printer. If they are present, immediately remove them. We want to make sure that all our users go through a smooth printing process with the Canon printer.

Cleaning Of The LF and EJ Slit Film For Resolving The Error

If you still have not been able to fix the error and looking for ways on How Do I fix the error code 6000 on my Canon printer, then, it shows that the above noted methods were not helpful and that the error is a different one. You need not panic here until you have tried the last possible solution to fixing this error code. Try out another Canon Printer Error 6000 Fix by following the steps provided below:

  • Clean the EJ and SL slit film in a gentle manner. Make sure to use a non-corrosive solution for cleaning them.
  • There might be cases where the Canon Printer Error 6000 LF vehicle has been filled with dust and dirt particles. You need to clean out each and every particle that is present in the conductor.
  • On noticing a faulty or a damaged component in the printer like the timing sensor unit, paper roller feed, logic board, the slit film, etc. You need to remove it from your printing device and change it with another one for solving the problem.

Contact with Our Customer Service For Resolving The Canon Printer Error 6000

The ways we have provided are very helpful for the users in troubleshooting of the Canon Printer Support Code 6000 in a very way. However, there might be times, when these methods may not function well, which means that you might be facing a different type of error with your printing machine. In such type of a case, you might not be able to fix it by yourself and will need expert help. You are then, free to get in touch with our certified Canon printer support team, who will be helping you to fix these issues can provide you with some effective steps and measures.

Concluding Words

After going through this blog post entirely, we are sure that you can now fix Canon Printer Error 6000, and that you will not panic on seeing this error again. We need to follow these effective ways that are described in a detailed format. They are not at all difficult to follow. You will successfully be able to resolve this issue on your own.

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