How to Connect your Canon Pixma Printer to my Laptop?

Are you one of those who face any issues in connecting your Canon Pixma Printer to the laptop? Including the setting up Canon TS6020 PIXMA Printer. Then you can take a look at the blog, which emphasizes the process of connecting your Canon PIXMA TS6020 Printer to a laptop.

Few access points, also referred to as hubs or routers, have an automatic networking tab labelled “WPS” (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and assist the current devices in connecting to the network without filing the credentials. This is the basic connection process concerning the PIXMA printer, and if the access point has a WPS tab, click on ‘WPS Connection Method’ below for directions on how to use this methodology.

Furthermore, if the access point won’t help the WPS, choose the ‘Standard Connection Method’.

There are two methods; first, let us briefly discuss WPS Connection Methodology.

WPS Connection Methodology

Before you begin with the details, there are a few pointers that should be executed in a chronological order;

  • It is mandatory for the access point to have a physical WPS push tab there. You can also go through the device user manual for the required information. And, if the WPS push tab is not there, then go for the directions in the Standard Connection Method part.
  • WPA2 security protocol usage is required on your network. Most WPS-capable access points use this protocol.
  • Check to see if the printer is on.
  • Until the orange alarm light flickers once, select the [Wi-Fi] switch on the printer. Then, let go of the button.
  • Within two minutes of the Wi-Fi switch beginning to show blue light , then go for the access point and push the [WPS] switch.
  • Please consult the access point handbook for precise directions on pressing the WPS switch.
  • While searching for the access point, the blue Wi-Fi light of the printer will blink. The green power light will also begin to flash during setup. The blue or green light will stop flickering and stay lit once the printer successfully connects to your wireless connection.
  • Take a print out of the printer’s network settings if you’d like to verify that it has connected properly to the wireless network.
  • Take a look at the printer if it is on or not.
  • A4 or Letter-sized blank sheet should be loaded.
  • Release the [Cancel] button after holding it down when the orange light flashes fifteen times. It will print the network data page.
  • If you’re looking at the printout, make sure the “Connection” column shows “Active” and the “SSID-Service Set Identifier” column gets the exact description of the wireless connection.

Standard Connection Methodology (Windows)

  • Use the setup with the CD that was included with the printer. If the “Setup CD-ROM” won’t autorun, re-insert the CD-ROM in the computer, choose [My Computer] or [This PC], click [MSETUP4.EXE] twice and then click [My Computer] or [This PC].
  • If you don’t have the CD, try downloading the manuals.
  • Then, the welcome screen shows; select [Next].
  • Click [Next] after selecting [Wireless LAN Connection] as the connection type.
  • Select [Next] after selecting [Access Point Connection (suggested)] as the wireless LAN network type.
  • Select [Next] after making sure you turn the printer on and the green light flashes.
  • The programme will now quickly scan your system for any connected printers.
  • Your printer won’t be found if you set it up for the first time. To proceed, please make sure [Setting printer could not be found on the list] is chosen before clicking [Next].
  • The installation of the setup guide will begin.
  • On [Next], select.
  • On [Cableless setup], select.
  • Press the [Wi-Fi] button (A) on the printer till the orange light flickers twice, then leave it after the second flicker, then select [Next] when the next screen shows.
  • Click [Next] after confirming that the green power and blue Wi-Fi lights are illuminated and rapidly flashing, respectively.
  • Now, this message will flash on the screen, “Setting up. Network connection is temporarily disabled during set up. Please wait”.
  • Click [Next] once the connectivity to the access point is complete.
  • Choose your area and press [Next] when the next screen displays.
  • Choose the language and select [Next] when the screen displays.
  • Choose the software you want to install when the next screen displays, and then click [Next]. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about whatever software you want to download now; you can uninstall it later if you change your mind.
  • Select [Yes] on the next screen to let the user license instructions agreement.
  • Click [Next], After the subsequent screen appears.
  • Now the software will be set up.
  • If the screen below appears during installation, click [Redetect] to re-discover your printer.
  • The time it takes for the programme to recognize the printer depends on your network settings. This can entail repeatedly clicking on redetects.
  • The next screen, which shows the version of the printer and the identification (or SSID) of the wireless connection, will appear after the Cableless setup is finished. Tap [Complete].
  • If this is your first time configuring your printer, click [Execute] when the next screen appears and follow the prompts to conduct the print head alignment; or, select [Next].
  • Click [Next] once the next screen shows.
  • Suppose you want to connect the printer now, select [Next]. If not, click [Cancel]. You can sign up for your printer with the Quick Menu programme.
  • Select [Agree] to participate in the extended survey programme. As an alternative, select [Do not agree].
  • Suppose the screen below appears and then you can try to print a test page on the printer, select [Execute]. Click [Next] if you don’t want to.
  • To complete the installation, click [Exit].


So, if you still have queries concerning Canon Pixma TS6020 Wireless LAN, Canon TS6000 Setup Windows Computer or Connection For Canon TS6020 Print, then you can connect with the expert for the help.

The experts will also assist in explaining the guide to Setup Canon ts6020, which will help you develop a clear idea about the printer.

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