How to Get Canon TS6020 Setup To Windows PC Easily?

Have a Canon printer that isn’t performing as it should? It’s not just you. It’s a problem that could be brought on by out-of-date printer drivers and incorrect configurations. We’ll lead you through the steps to resolve your Canon printer not printing issue in this article. Also, the ways through which you can setup your canon TS6020 to windows PC easily.


  1. Connect the network to the printer

Before that, lets take a look at the guide to setup Canon TS6020

Wireless Connection

Just Before Wireless Connection Setup

  • Do not forget to turn on the printer.

  • A lit POWER lamp indicates that the power is on.

  • Whenever the printer is cleaning, aligning the print head, or doing anything else

  • Prior to beginning setup, wait for the process to finish.

  • Press the printer’s HOME button (B).

  • Press the HOME button after tapping OK if an error screen appears.

  • Click on the “Network status”

  • Home page: network status choice

  • Click LAN settings.

  • Simple network information display: Choose LAN settings.

  • Click on Wireless LAN.

  • LAN configuration screen: Choose Wireless LAN.

  • Choose the Wireless LAN configuration.

  • Screen for wireless LAN: the Wireless LAN setup option

  • Choose one of the connection options below.

Connect wirelessly

  1. Without using the wireless router, set wireless router information to the printer directly from a device (such a smartphone).

  2. It could take some time to connect easily over wireless. During setup, the internet connection can momentarily stop working.

  3. On Chrome OS or Windows RT, an easy WiFi connection is not possible.

 Manual connect

  • Select Manual connect.

  • Setting up wireless LAN, screen: Choose Manual connect.

  • Toggle the wireless router.

  • Troubleshooting wireless router selection screen

  • See “Troubleshooting” if a different screen displays or if no wireless router is located.

  • The network does not require a password if the message “Connected to the wireless router.” shows.

  • Key input screen for WEP Enter password screen for troubleshooting

  • See “Troubleshooting” if a different screen pops up.

  • Click the input field.

  • Your network password Case-sensitivity applies to text entry.

  • Consult the wireless router’s manual or get in touch with the maker if you don’t know the network password.

  • For information on text entry (Appears in a new window)

  • On the network key entering screen, select OK.

  • Screen for verifying the WEP key Confirmation of password window

  • Once the screen shown below opens, select OK.

  • Screen at the end (Connected to the wireless router.)

  • See “Troubleshooting” if another screen displays.

  • Activate the HOME button.

  • The bottom left corner of the screen displays the Network status after the connection is complete.

  • The HOME page – The network connection configuration is finished at this point.

 Advanced setup Connection

  • Select Other setup.

  • Choose Other setup on the wireless LAN setup screen.

  • Click on Advanced setup.

  • Additional setup screen the Advanced setup option

  • Toggle the wireless router.

  • Choosing a wireless router screen

  • See “Troubleshooting” if a different screen displays or if no wireless router is located.

  • If your choice is to Enter the name of the wireless router directly here

  • Click the wireless router’s security protocol setting.

  • The network does not require a password if the message “Connected to the wireless router.” shows. In the following phase, choose “Disable,” and then carry out the setup.

  • Screen for security options

  • The wireless router’s security protocol should be selected.

1. Disable

2. WEP


Software for fine-tuning print settings, “Canon Inkjet Print Utility,” immediately downloads when connected.

Important Notes

  • The printer and your PC or tablet must share the same wireless router.

  • Enable printer sharing and then choose a private network in your computer or tablet’s network settings.

  • The printer driver won’t be loaded automatically, and the automated download of Canon Inkjet Print Utility won’t begin, if there are 50 or more devices connected to your network environment. 49 or fewer devices should be the minimum quantity for automatic installation and downloading.

  • Canon Inkjet Print Utility printer registration.

Select your printer at the Select Model screen after starting the Canon Inkjet Print Utility.

Important Notes

  • You can also use a USB cable to link a computer or tablet to the printer if it has a USB connection. Use a USB cable to connect your computer, tablet, and printer.

  • The printer driver is automatically detected after the USB connection is complete.

  • The software for making precise print settings, Canon Inkjet Print Utility, is downloaded automatically as soon as the printer driver is detected. You must sign in again if you used your computer or tablet after signing out of your Microsoft account.

  • To use web services, you need to be connected to the internet.

 Available Software

Windows RT users can use the following Canon programs.

  • Canon Easy-PhotoPrint

  • Canon Inkjet Print Utility

  • Canon printer drivers included in Windows RT

Hope the article helps you with the information for the canon printer setup to Windows PC. Still, if you need any help with any other query such as setup of Canon TS6020 Windows computer in MAC or any other deice, then you can connect us.

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