How to get Customer Service Resolving Canon Printer Error 6000?

Users unquestionably choose Canon printers due to their amazing features and superior printing capabilities. Customers who use Canon printers enjoy consistently excellent printing results. Due to the fact that mechanical gadgets are often used, however, technical faults are also encountered by many users. The question of How To Fix Canon Printer Error 6000 has been asked by many customers recently. We will talk about its solutions in this article because of this. In order to quickly resolve this problem, read this article thoroughly from top to bottom and collect useful tips.

The notification “6000 printer error has occurred” will be displayed when you encounter printer problem 6000. Restart the printer after turning it off. See the manual if the issue continues.

This error can occur for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most likely causes of canon printer error 6000: –

  • There are foreign objects that prevent the paper feed tray from opening correctly, including dust particles, paper fragments, pins, stickers, and other items. The printer displays the error 6000 as a result of the jam.

  • The error code could be shown if the paper feed tray is not installed properly in the printer.

  • The paper may have become stuck in the feed if you unintentionally issued multiple print commands at once.

  • The error 6000 may be brought on by a printer that is surrounded by numerous other documents that prevent the printer fans from receiving proper ventilation.

  • The sensor unit or in-line feed slot of the printer has a flaw.

The most frequent cause of canon error code 6000 on your printer is paper or foreign items being stuck in the input tray, despite the fact that there are many other potential causes. Therefore, to discover how to fix Canon printer error 6000, follow the methods provided below.

 Step 1

The printer must first be reset. The majority of the time, restarting the printer is all that is required to fix an error 6000 on a canon printer. Unplug your printer before resetting it. After unplugging it, give it a brief moment before plugging it back in. Wait until your printer is operational before turning it on.

  • Press and hold the “Power” button for a few seconds at this point. Press the “Stop” button twice after a short period. Do this process two or three more times. Be sure to release the power button slowly.

  • Press the “Stop” button four times to complete the process. You can be certain that these procedures will solve your issue. If not, attempt the next.

 Step 2

Make the paper feed tray clean. The paper feed tray is located when the printer lid is opened. Take out the entire tray of papers. Check the paper tray for any clips or ripped pieces of paper that might be lodged inside.

The smooth processing of the paper is hampered by these unnecessary items. Try to disassemble the paper tray after all the papers have been removed. If the tray can be taken out, reinstall it correctly the second time to ensure a secure fit. If not, check to see if it is properly fitted. Reassemble all the papers, then start the printer again. This ought should resolve your error 6000.


If you’re still having trouble understanding how to fix the Canon printer error 6000, you can contact customer service in resolving canon printer error 6000., who can help you with any additional questions. Just let them know everything you’ve tried, and they’ll direct you toward the subsequent actions you must take.

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