How do you get your printer back to online mode from offline?

In the world of today, everyone is dependent on advanced technology so much that it is impossible to think of a world without it. Trending technologies like computers, laptops, printers, scanners, etc, or any other technological gadgets are in some way or the other plays a huge role in getting your professional work accomplished in no time. Printers are extremely necessary for the purpose of making softcopy into a hardcopy. However, there are many probable causes that you receive printer offline error messages. In this blog post, we provide you with an elaborated guide surely to effectively change your printer’s status “offline” mode to the “online” stage. Let us go through this blog:

Printer Is Offline

How did my Printer go offline?

There are several external factors why your Printer has gone offline. Some of the very usual reasons related to the Printer Is Offline error are mentioned below:
⦁ Computer and printer disconnection.
⦁ Connectivity problem with your Wi-Fi network.
⦁ The Printer was not chosen as the default printer option.
⦁ The instructions given to the printer are stuck in the print queue.
⦁ Old and outdated printer drivers.
⦁ Compatibility issues with the printer.
⦁ The printer has gone into sleep mode.
⦁ Misconception between the printer and personal computer.
⦁ Use of ink cartridges that are not authentic.

What can I do if my printer has gone offline?

Every time your Printer Goes Offline, follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue:
⦁ Check your printer’s connection
⦁ Reset your printer after securing its connection.
⦁ Get your Printer’s driver updated soonest.
⦁ Check your internet connection.
⦁ The Print Spooler Service needs to reopen.
⦁ Update your Printer’s IP Address
⦁ Manually change the printer to online mode.

Steps for getting my Printer back to the online mode?

You need to execute the below mentioned repairing solutions to change your printer online from its offline stage.
Let’s start following:

Solution 1: Printer’s connection should be verified


The printers connected to a Wi-Fi network can perform the following steps:
⦁ Open your Windows PC, from here, go to the “Printers and Scanners” option through the Control Panel.
⦁ Then, choose the “Network Settings” tab.
⦁ Next, click on the “Confirm Network Settings.”
⦁ After doing this, you will be opening up the current network settings in your printer.
⦁ Then, go ahead by verifying your printer device’s network settings.
If your Printer shows offline, just go on to the next step and apply another guide to fix your printer error.

Solution 2: Restart the Printer and also your Operating System


If your printer is connected rightly and all the network settings are also proper, but you still find The Printer Says Offline error, you firstly need to reboot your computer and your printer. Restarting helps in starting the printer and the computer’s connection afresh.

Solution 3: Updating or reinstalling your Printer driver

If you are still not able to understand the reason behind your Printer being offline, you need to take a look at the driver installed in your printer. The driver should be updated with the latest version, if it is not, you can face printer offline errors. You are also required to check if there are any new driver updates on your device. If you are seeing an available, follow the procedures to get the current driver. Any printer’s updated version is only made available by the manufacturers so that the users can remove bugs. Therefore, it is recommended highly to update your drivers to the latest version. We would suggest you print a page for confirming that your printer has is online. If not, jump to another fixing solution.

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Solution 4: Check your network connection

Please see that your internet connection is “ON” and you do not have your computer connected to another third-party server. Also, make sure that any private networks for internet connection are not being used in your device, or Printer Offline issues will stay. Before you resume your printing, make sure to disconnect other server networks if there are any as it may cause trouble in the IP address.

Solution 5: Restart or reopen the Print spooler service

Print Spooler might be the major reason for your printer offline problem. This is how you can check and restart your printer’s service on your computer:
⦁ Firstly, click on the “Windows Start” button and then search for the option of “Run”.
⦁ After the Run dialog box starts to evolve, put in the “services.msc” and press the “Enter” key.
⦁ Search for the “Print Spooler” word.
⦁ After you have found this option, right-click on the Spooler Service.
⦁ Then, click on the “Restart” tab from the list provided.
⦁ After you have done this, you will restart the ‘Printer spooler service.
⦁ You can now resume your printing for checking if the Printer Is Offline is working or not. If the error still exists, go to the next solution provided below.

Solution 6: Your Printer’s IP address needs to be updated

For Windows OS
⦁ Navigate to the “Start” menu and choose the “Control Panel” option.
⦁ Then, click on the “Devices and Printers” option.
⦁ Then, click on the required printer that you are operating, in the list displayed on your computer screen.
⦁ Then, choose the “Printer Properties”
⦁ Next, click on the “Ports” tab and select “Configure Port”.
⦁ This is after which the present IP address of your printer will be shown on your computer screen.
Please re check if the printer’s IP address was added appropriately. If not, you need to edit it and input the correct IP address of your printer.
For Mac OS
⦁ Firstly, click on the “Apple” menu.
⦁ Then choose the “System Preferences” tab.
⦁ Next, you need to select the “Printers and Scanners” option.
⦁ Then, press on the “Options and Supplies.”
⦁ You can now edit and change your incorrect IP address to the correct one for your printer.

Solution 7: Change your ‘Printer Offline’ Into ‘Printer Online’ manually

If the preceding six solutions did not work out for you, then the last one would be to force your printer to change to online. The steps to do this are mentioned below:
⦁ Firstly, go to the “Windows Start” menu.
⦁ Then, choose the option, “Control Panel”.
⦁ And then, Click on the “Devices and Printers” tab.
⦁ Right-click on your printer in the list provided.
⦁ Next, select the “See What’s Printing”.
⦁ Choose the “Printer” tab.
⦁ Next, go to the “Use Printer Online” option from the drop down menu that appears.
⦁ Congrats! Your printer has now turned online.
⦁ Therefore, you can now start printing anything without tension.

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We hope that from the guidance mentioned in this blog post, you now have a clear idea about the Printer Is Offline error and know the exact steps to turn it online. We have given our complete efforts in sharing with you the most effective solutions for you. After the implementation of all these solutions, there is a high chance that you can bring your offline printer to the online mood. However, if you can not do so, then you can reach our support team by contacting our 24*7 Online Printer Support Helpline Number. We promise you to fix your problem fixed as early as possible.

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