Learn about how to set up your Canon Printer Wirelessly

It has been seen that people have several issues with the setup processes of Canon Printer wirelessly. This affects their day-to-day operations as they need the printer for multiple purposes, such as printing necessary documents. And sometimes, it is challenging for them to execute the setup process on their own or with the Customer Service Resolving Canon Printer Error 6000. But, before taking the help of customer service or resolving their own, they should be acquainted with the process to get an idea about what the expert is doing.

Steps to connect Canon Wireless Printer

In the blog, we have provided a detailed description of the process of connecting Canon printers wirelessly.

After knowing these steps, you can troubleshoot several minor issues on your own. Let’s take a look at it.

The network between the device and wireless Canon printer is set up through an internet network. Hence, putting the printer on the identical network connection as your PC is necessary.

WPS Network

If you plan to try this method, then you have to ensure that your WIFI router has a WPS button. Including that, the router should employ WPA2 or WPA security protocol.

  • Firstly, begin with the power button to turn on the device. With that, switch on your WiFi router through the WPS button.
  • After that, with the help of a touch screen, head towards the printer ‘Home’ and press and hold the ‘WiFi’ tab.
  • Then, choose ‘‘LAN Wireless set up’ option> select ‘OK’. During this stage, the printer will look for the access point of the wireless connection.
  • Select your WIfi connection (stated as Canon in the router setup).
  • Then, select the WIfi access point, which will ask for the details of the WPA key. After that, you must fill in your WiFi credentials and select the ‘Ok’ tab.
  • This procedure will be time-consuming to set up a network of Canon printers with the WiFi router access point.
  • After that, both the devices will connect on their own. When you pass the stage of wireless networking, the WiFi light and power will stop lighting. Other than that, it will constantly flash after the networking process.

Connecting the Wireless Printer on Windows

  • The initial step is to connect the WIfi network to the printer and go for the setup process. (Following the same process mentioned in the steps given above).
  • After that, install the printer driver through the website canon.com/ijsetup.
  • Then, double-tap the installed file and get done with the downloading process. And head towards the next steps.
  • To open the Run command, select the Win Key+R.
  • Then, type the same command in the Run dialog box- control/name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters.
  • Select ‘OK’.
  • After that, the ‘Devices And Printers’ folder will open.
  • You will notice the ‘Add Printer’ tab on the window.
  • Select the Add Printer and take a look at the directions that appear on the screen.
  • Get done with the procedure and select ‘Ok’. After that, you get done with the networking procedure concerning the canon wireless printer on Windows. Take a printout of the test page and begin using the printer.

Important point – If you want assistance connecting your printer to a laptop or PC with the help of a USB connection, ensure that the PC and printer are properly connected through the USB cable. After that, install and drivers as recommended in the above steps.

Steps to connect Canon Wireless Printer on MAC

After following these steps, you can easily work on the setup of your canon wireless printer on MAC

  • To begin, switch on your Canon printer as well as Mac.
  • Then, using the instructions outlined in the first part of this blog, connect your Canon printer to your wireless network.
  • Then, to get the driver, go to canon.com/ijsetup. Now it’s time to finish installing the driver.
  • After that, select the Apple menu > Click System and Preference.
  • Select the ‘Printers and Scanners’ option from the following prompt screen.
  • After that, select the + sign to add the printer.
  • Now, choose your Canon printer from the pop-up window and tap on “add.”
  • The name of your printer will appear on the left part of the screen once it has been added.
  • Eventually, your Canon wireless printer will be well connected and ready to use.

So, if you’re wondering why your Canon printer won’t connect to WiFi, just follow the steps above to finish the setup on both Windows and Mac.


Hope, the blog assists you in getting any idea about how to set up your canon printer wirelessly. Still, suppose you face any issue even after trying to resolve the issue on your own and with customer service resolving Canon Printer Error 6000. In that case, you can connect with one of the email providers in the market.

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