Troubleshooting The Dell Driver Or Software Errors

How Can I Fix the Driver or Software Errors on Dell Printers

1. Explaining the Dell Printer Errors

Dell 016-xxx errors are the errors that are most commonly caused by the issue of information that is sent to your Dell printer and this denotes a rare issue with the hardware.

When the corrupted data leads to one of the Dell errors taking place, this isolates the printer from getting its printing job done, from the driver, device, or network can help in determining the sources of the faulty information.

2. Restart Your Dell Printer When Your Data Connection Has Been Removed

Turn off your printer.

Disconnect your printer from any data cables say Ethernet or USB cable Parallel or even the wireless networks.

With you have removed the data connections, switch on the printer.

If the printer completes the Power On Self-Test (POST) with no errors, print a settings report from the operator panel menus.

If the settings report does the printing successfully, the issue is related to hardware and the steps of troubleshooting must be done at the third step of clearing the Printing Queues.

If the settings report shows a 016-xxx issue, restart the machine, do a reset of NVRAM for your system with the help of the information in the seventh step of Resetting the Printer’s NVRAM, and then try to print the settings report one more time.

If the settings report shows a 016-xxx error after the NVRAM resetting, please call the Dell Technical Support.

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3. Clear the Printing Queues

Clear all the print jobs from the printing queues on all devices which can print to this printer with the help of steps given in the blog post.

Clear the Print Spooler on your Windows

put in the data cable and restart your Dell printer.

Wait for a few minutes till the unit reestablishes in the network communication.

If the error takes place before sending a new print job change the Printer’s IP Address.

Clear this printing job and restart your printer. If a Windows test page from a different machine does not show an error, reinstall the Driver on the machine that is causing the error.

4. Reinstall the Printer Driver

uninstall the driver Completely and the other printing software on your system from which the error is taking place while printing. After the process of uninstallation, restart your system or the print spooler service.

Download and install the newest version of the printer driver.

After installation is done, try to print a test page of Windows.

If the error takes place, clear the print job, restart your printer, and try to print a Windows test page with a driver that is not getting used currently.

If the error still takes place with a Windows test page after the reinstallation or with different drivers on one computer, the print spooler on this system may be damaged. Troubleshooting must be continued with step six. Update your Printer’s Firmware before you contact the support for your system.

5. Change the IP Address of your Dell Printer

If your Dell printer makes a 016-xxx error when it is connected to a data network when there are no printing jobs left in the printing queues, then there may be a source on your printer network which probably sends you the corrupt data that the printer is not able to recognize.

You will have to switch off the printer.

Then, get the printer disconnected of any types of data cables  such as the Ethernet, USB, etc or even the wireless networks

With you have removed the data connections, switch on the printer.

In the menu of the printer present on the operator panel, modify the IP address of the printer to an address that is different from the IP address of the previous one and is not linked with any other device on that network.

Connect the printer again to the data connection and check to see if the error is showing or not.

If the error does not exist anymore after you have reconnected to the network, then you need to clear out the Print Queues.

6. Update the Firmware of your Printer

After you have cleared out all the print queues and you have restarted the Dell printer without any error, you will have ti download and install the newest version of the printer’s firmware.

Then, make an attempt to reprint the documents after the update is completed.

If the errors still exist even after you have updated the firmware of the printer, then move to the solution number seven, that is to reset your Printer’s NVRAM.

7. Reset the NVRAM of your Dell Printer

On some occasions, your Dell printers can store their printing jobs in the non volatile RAM memory when they make a try to print them again. This can lead to the unit for rebooting with an issue when they try to print a corrupted job again.


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