What are the two methods to connect to a printer wirelessly?

You must have well versed with the two methodologies that assist in connecting to the printer WIrelessly, i.e. IEEE 802.11 standards and Bluetooth. Did you know about the benefits of these two methods and how they assist in setting up the connection? If you don’t, this blog can help you accumulate information about the two methods.

IEEE 802.11 standards

In 1884, IEE as a nonprofit institution was established by a few engineers to consolidate perspectives concerning electrotechnology. It plays a major role in several day-to-day operations, such as sponsoring seminars and conferences, standards growth, and many more. With the help of LAN, IEEE has generated a few famous and often used network interface cards on the basis of IEEE 802.5 (token ring) standards and IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet).

There are several advantages of employing those standards, the ones published by IEEE. The following aspects define the advantages of complying with the standards, specifically in the case of IEEE 802.11.

Interoperability of Appliances

Interoperability among numerous appliances and the selected wireless network type is feasible when it comes to compliance with the IEEE 802.11 standard. This means you may buy a Symbol 802.11-compliant scanner and a Monarch Marking Systems Pathfinder Ultra handheld scanner/printer, and they’ll both work in the same 802.11 wireless networks if the 802.11 setup parameters are set the same in both devices.

Speedy Product Growth

The 802.11 standard is a tried-and-true design that developers may use to create wireless devices. So the standard-forming body has already invested effort in smoothing out any wrinkles in executing the applicable technology, and the learning curve necessary to comprehend certain technologies is reduced. As a result, product development takes substantially less time.

Decent Future Migration

Standards compliance safeguards investments and avoids legacy systems that will need to be overhauled if proprietary goods become obsolete. Wireless LANs should evolve in the same way as Ethernet did in the 1980s. Ethernet started with a 10Mbps standard that used coaxial wire as the medium. Over time, the IEEE 802.3 working party improved the standard by incorporating twisted-pair, optical fibre wiring, and data rates of 100Mbps and 1000Mbps.

Decrease in Prices

The wireless LAN industry has long been hampered by high costs; however, as more makers and users adopt 802.11, prices have dropped considerably.

Ignorance of Silos

MIS organisations have struggled to maintain control over network deployments during the last few decades. Non-MIS organisations, like finance and production departments, have found it considerably easier to install their applications since the emergence of PCs, Wireless LAN, and visual-based programming tools. For example, one portion of the firm may buy a wireless connection from one vendor, while another section of the business may buy a wireless connection from a different vendor. As a result, the corporation develops silos, or non-interoperable systems, making it difficult for MIS professionals to plan and maintain compatible solutions. Stovepipe is a term used to describe these silos.


You can follow the steps given below to connect your printer WIrelessly.

  • Firstly, check that your Bluetooth mode is enabled. There are several printers that come this way, for that you can use the manual. However, few require adapters. You can visit a store or go online shopping to look for an affordable Bluetooth printer adapter.
  • Then, you can proceed with the setup of the adapter. You just connect one end of the PC to another end of the printer, and it will download itself.
  • After that, switch on the printer. Also, look at the connection with the working electrical outlet, including the printer power that should be on in the right way.
  • Then, go for the Bluetooth devices on your computer. Furthermore, go to the control panel after installing the Bluetooth adapter and select “Bluetooth Devices.”
  • Then you have to add the printer. It is not safe, but it is an easy way. Then go to the options key, and ensure that the options “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer” and “Turn discover on” are checked. After that, the printer and PC should then connect without any delay, and you can start with your work. If you want other devices to find your PC, then take a look at the last two steps.
  • After that, connect the device manually. Go to the Devices tab, click “Add Device”, and run the installation wizard to look for the printer.
  • Go for the “Add Printers” wizard. Also, you can connect the printer by selecting “Start” and “Printers and Faxes” after that “, Add a Printer.” Then, when the wizard pops up, choose “Bluetooth printer”, as well as Windows will look for the printer.


The blog assists you in developing a clear idea about the two methods that help in connecting to a printer wirelessly. Also, if you want to know more about the necessary setups concerning printers such as Canon TS6000 Setup to Windows PC, then you can take the help of an expert.

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